30 September 2013


Zaha Hadid | Beko Building | Belgrade, Serbia

Current advanced thought in the architectural world and associated academia proclaims that computer design can take us to places in architectural form that past practice could only dream about, and it because it can done, it should be done.

Here's another idea.

How about starting off with the parametric modeling of the surrounding existing district surrounding the project, adding detail to the public street where the building is exposed to the surrounding building faces. The scripts that run the program would be more informed by the surrounding building structures and details, rather then just the arbitrary geometries or artificial order the designer fancies, or makes. And to add the fourth dimension, the forms of past construction (reconstructed by historical archives), and any other relevant data and vision can be written into a time continuum. What is past, and what is being built now, parametrically extends into the future, and therefore 'predicts' it. This is what the new project is like in its context, and here is what it will be like in the future, when other buildings are added in.

Maybe there might be some other things that could be done with the model besides heating it up and pulling it out like taffy.

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